Ice Cream in Rome - Part One

Ice Cream in Rome - Part One

This time I decided not to write a traditional ranking, because in my opinion the best places would be too difficult to judge, as there are too many factors to keep in mind so I decide to create this ranking so that you can choose the one that most inspires you according to your tastes!

Ice Cream in Rome - Part Two

Neve di latte: the genuineness - Via Luigi Poletti, 6 (Flaminio)

Authenticity, naturalness, creamness are three of the various adjectives to describe the heavenly ice-cream which we can try at  Neve di latte. If we  wanted to do a ranking like the previous ones, our experts would have placed  it at the first place. The ingredients are natural, of high quality, and you can perceive it at the first tasting. Each flavors refers to its essential ingredients without frills, I'd call it  a "pure icecream" for those who want to taste the milk cream that emanates the flavor of  real fresh milk (milk from high Bavaria) or  the cream whose perfume, remind  the custard prepared from our grandmothers when we were children. Favourite flavor: pistachio and classic cream, but also hazelnut and banana, for those who love the genre, do not disappoint.

Supplì in Rome

While you are ordering some pizza slices, how about tasting some good rice balls?

Someone talks about it the first time in 1929 in the book "La Cucina Romana", in fact his original name was French and means surprise, right about the effect that should raise the filling at the time of the opening! Under the breading of batter and breadcrumbs, inside the rice we find a cube of mozzarella,some time ago the chicken giblets were added, now replaced with a simple “macinato”.A good supplì is distinguishable by 4 features: the crispness of his external part ,well-cooked rice , good gravy, especially with meat sauce, and finally the mozzarella cheese must be strictly racy (hence the way to say "rice balls on the phone)!

Pizza By the slice in Rome

Are you walking in Rome hungry and wanting to enjoy a typical roman meal and do not want to stop at a restaurant? Do you want to eat something quickly, maybe light, and not pay much?

The pizza is the most typical street food in the city of Rome, it's cheap, tasty and at the same time is a light and complete from a nutritional standpoint.
If you come to Rome for few days or if you live in Rome, but you are tired of the usual pizza then our article is for you. Our team has worked hard to find the pizza "anti-fraud", and we have made a list of the 6 best pizzerias in Rome.
Let’s rediscover the birth and the definition of the pizza by the slice.

Pesach and Eastern in Rome

Pesach and Eastern in Rome

The Judeo-Roman cuisine and traditional easter cuisine: History and traditions

According to the jewish calendar Pesach begins with the 15th of Nissan and last 8 days.It is a festival that commemorates past slavery and the Exodus from Egypt; it derives from the verb pasach (Passover) and refers to the episode of the tenth plague of Egypt,which is the proclamation of God of the death of the Egyptian firstborns and the salvation of the People of Israel.

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