What to bring with you

The packing is for many a heavy duty. For other ones it’s more complex than a military expedition. Many however, being presumptuous, solve the matter in a few minutes and the result is a complete disaster. For this reason Not for Tourist Rome warns you about things which you must absolutely bring for a journey in Rome.

Necessary documents:

passport and visa, or identity card, to keep always on hand; cash, useful especially at the arrival and to get around the city; credit card and cash card, to pay in shops and restaurants; if you plan to drive, International and Nationaldriving license; a pair of photocopies of travel documents, to avoid problems in case of loss or late delivery of baggage, thefts or other accidents; travel insurance, recommended if you’re foreign visitors forced to change plans, risking to lose baggage several times during the same journey.

Essential accessories and clothings:

comfortable shoes: you’ll walk a lot in Rome and the historic center is paved with “sampietrini”, enemies of all women’s heels; bum bags, to dress under cloths to avoid attracting the attention of pickpockets; comfortable and largeback pack to move freely; sports and versatile clothes for daytime; elegant but sober clothes for evening, not to loose the unexpected and fantastic chic and social opportunities; map of the city, to avoid getting lost in the thousand alleyways of Rome; camera and/or video camera, to immortalize beautiful sights that only the Rome can offer, both at daytime and at night; mobile, including all useful accessories: SIM card, secondary batteries, recharges and adaptorss for European electrical plugs; if you visit the city during spring or summer time, sunglasses are the essential accessory to screen from the light and to have a perfect look!

What never to do in Rome

Rome is the city where everything is possible, both in the positive and in negative ways… If you don’t want to turn your Roman trip into a nightmare, avoid:

  • to rely too much upon public trasport: delays and inconveniences are to be expected! If you have to keep strict times, plan in advance because small distances can be turned into oceanic crossings;
  • to carry too much cash with you… Small thefts occur everyday;
  • to have lunch at Piazza Navona unless you want to spend half of your budget;
  • to take taxi to cover long distances: they are really expensive, especially for the airport.

Also, pay attention to:

  • the prices! Before buying anything ask first “How much?” Only in this way you’ll be able to avoid unpleasant surprises or frauds. This golden rule covers everything, from fake typical restaurant, to elegant boutiques;
  • fake typical restaurants: very often there are different menu prices for no Romans;
  • some areas of the city, dangerous for those who aren’t familiar with them. So avoid going out alone, without a local and expert guide.

Away from frauds

Don’t break your budget! Wise up and read the published articles… Here some examples about how a non Roman citizen is pray to constant frauds! An old and everyday story… to avoid!

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