The distribution network

The Distribution Network of Not For Tourist Rome represents a sort of guide of and showcase for products, places, people and activities that depicts Rome and its surroundings. Interest originates from the increasing demand to divulge, to introduce and to share not-commonly-known specialties, thereby giving tangible expression to a story, of a culture, of a tradition and to creativity that, in the Capital, boasts origins back in time, of which the general public knows little or just too often forgotten. Therefore, we are constantly looking for homemade manufacturing, homemade food-, traditional and niche product that only few people know and that tourists and even the roman citizens are not able to test and purchase. In the middle of reaching this purpose, the community of friends of NFTR is getting more numerous and helps us on research that seems endless. Getting lost in the streets and little alleys of the city center of Rome, wandering around the Lazio region countryside, and visiting exhibitions, markets and local fairs, the discovery of different art forms of the Roman culture never ceases to amaze. The high local handicrafts, the range of genuine products related to the territory are several, beyond any imagination, and daily under pressure from the competition of modernity and, most recently, by the economic crisis of the country. Thanks to this research, today we are able to offer a valid and significant selection of proposals, ranging from wine and food (Italian: enogastronomia) to artistic handicrafts, traditionally manufactured products of Rome and those that astonish and exist outside the box. All the producers of our distribution network combine traditions and innovation with a strong connection to the territory and in a true relationship with their own clientele.

In this way, we are able to amaze other Roman people and defer farther into the future the closing of small businesses and individual businesses based on high quality and important tradition.

We have set the research and selection of work on clear VALUES.


Authenticity: we are looking for everything that is natural and genuine. We do not accept «Fake», but only original products coming from real local producers, artists, and artisans.

Relationship with the territory: we choose products that recall our city and our region. Our intent is to value the territory creating upstanding relationships among products, producers and services.

Quality: we select producers, artist and artisans that must take care in their choice of raw materials, of the production processes and of the final artistic results.

Sustainability: it is of fundamental importance to us that our distribution network give special consideration for pollution-free production processes and to the use of recycled materials, and, also, pay particular attention to socially-conscious employment.

Innovation: we are always careful to track down the element of originality of a product, so much that we are able to change mostly for the better the existing condition of things.

Revival: we pay continuous attention to the research of products already known by the community, but that stand out for their quality and flavor.

Tradition: we are always looking for those products that are obtained by transformative and productive processes secured by the course of time in our reference territory (Roma and Lazio), which, in this way, are distinguished by their detail, raising value to absolute excellence.  

Typicality (the Roman spirit): every time we are looking for that particular combination of characteristics of unique imagination, of tradition and culture, typical of the Roman territory and the Lazio region. They have to be, at their base, techniques that realize agricultural and gastronomic products that are, indeed, called: “Typical local products” (Italian: Prodotti Tipici”).


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