Creative Rome

Rome is the city of creativity par excellence, the site in which classic ancient art blends perfectly with contemporary art installation or modern architecture.

It is the city chosen by young people all over the world for its famous art and music schools, true places of learning, knowledge and understanding. It is the city where, walking through the quarters of the city center, you can bump into artisans working on their creations, whatever they may be -- leather bags, jewels or pieces of furniture.

We will let you intimately experience the past and the future of our artistic production: visit the most peculiar art’s atelier (art’s fashion house), ancient and modern workshops, creative laboratories; you will enter in the Academies, in the Conservatories and in the Theatre school to participate in a sculpture or music lessons and the privilege to get to see the exact moment in which creativity becomes creation.


 “Creative institutions”: a visit to the two legends of the music and art of Rome: Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia (National Academy of St Cecilia) and the “Accademia di Belle Arti” of Rome.


 “Street art in Rome”: a highly recommended event for people passionate for this new expression of art that has ancient origins: tour the most significant places of street art in Rome.


 “In contact with the creative”: Come with us inside the house of a Roman artist! Guided visit at the art’s atelier (art’s fashion house).


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