Roman mysteries

There is a hidden side of Rome, a side unknown also to those who live in the city but do not know its history enough. Besides the bright beauty of its architecture, besides its peaceful historical and modern image lies a city full of secrets and mysteries.

Not for Tourist Rome will guide you through squares, streets, and buildings to rediscover myths, tales, and enigmas hidden in this city since the beginning of time.

We will awaken the spirits that haunt it, while looking for the ghosts of Beatrice Cenci and Giordano Bruno, together we will rediscover famous tales such as the one about the Dragon of the Roman Forum and the Sword of Orlando. We will enter the esoteric culture of the Knights Templar and we will follow together the routes that inspired Dan Brown… Among the benevolent ghosts, such as the “Frate di Montecitorio” (Monk of Montecitorio), and cruel ghosts, such as the dreadful “Pimpaccia” (also spelled Olympia and known as Donna Olimpia or Olimpia Pamphiliin) in her black carriage, each itinerary will involve and fascinate you. You will be the favored depositary and elected guardian of obscurities and mysteries… There will be no mystery that you will not be able to decode!


“Sooner or later will be your turn”. A visit to the most striking Crypt in the city and to the first Monumental cemetery of Rome. Museum and Cripta dei Cappuccini (Capuchin Crypt), Cimitero del Verano (Monumental Cemetery of Campo Verano).


“We shudder”. St Angel Castle and the “Borgo” are waiting for you to reveal the most striking and mystery soaked corners. The small Church of Saint Mary of Prayer and Death, Mausoleum of Hadrian, usually known as Castel Sant'Angelo (Castle of the Holy Angel), Rione Borgo (Rione of Rome).


“Le malefatte dei Borgia” (The Borgia: “A family of evil-doing”.) Discover with us places, secrets, and legends of one of the most famous and dreaded families in the history of Roma: the Borgia Princes. The Borgia Tower at the Vatican, The Borgia Tower, Palazzetto di Vannozza. 


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