The sport of Rome

If you are enthusiastic about sports or love to stay outdoors or you simply like to look around the sporting structures of yesterday and today, this is the itinerary for you!

We will make you feel like a professional athlete for a day and you will revive with us the magic atmosphere of the places connected to the great champions of past and present: the Olympic Village of the first Olympic games in Rome, the sports complexes and structures of the Fascist era, the sites of the Soccer World Cup in Italy in 1990 (“Italia 90”) and one of the two main soccer teams in Rome.

The sports complexes of Rome have thousands of facets: if you are lazy and you love to relax, you will just need to delight your eyes with the view of the well-known statues of athletes from the past that are located in sites and Museums around the town, like the wonderful Apoxyómenos in the Vatican’s Museums; instead, if you like to be active also during your holidays. You will be able to choose among several activities: from the roundtrip bicycle ride on the “Appia antica” street to kayaking, rafting or canoeing down “Aniene” River with its the spectacular views.

If you are a sports person or not: prepare yourself to sweat!


“When architecture and sports meet each other”: a visit inside the Roman sports center par excellence: the “Foro Italico”, among the sculptures of athletes and marble that recalls the sport’s scenes.


“Cycling in the Appia”: a bike trip through the historical places of Ancient Rome into the beautiful park of the “Appia Antica” (the Ancient Appia road).


“Lazio or Roma?”: Attend with us the training of two major soccer teams of Rome…. You just need to choose who to s


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