Folk Rome


The city of those who were born and raised? The city described in the pages of history and in stories? So you are in the right place! If so, this is the itinerary for you!

A dive into the past where everything softens and memories become black and white…
By foot or bicycle, through the alley of the historical center, the artisan workshops, the daily Campo de’ Fiori market (Field of Flowers market), the “talking statue” of the Roman poet Pasquino… And then a voyage of discovery through the popular neighborhoods of Trastevere and Testaccio, the historical markets, the artisanal bakery, the taverns, and unrepeatable views… And also, San Lorenzo, Rome as described by Morante, the Rome devastated by World War II and then reconstructed, the Rome of “Ragazzi di Vita” (Boys of Life) a novel by the Italian author Pasolini…

The Rome of the “volemose bene e annamo avanti” (try to love each other and go ahead), Rome of the pizzerrias, of the dairy shops, of the “Sali e Tabacchi” (Salts and Tobaccos), of the “Erbaggi e Frutta”, the Rome of the "chestnut cakes”, of the whipped cream maritozzi, or simply maritozzi, of the “mostaccioli” pasta and sweats, of the supplì (fried rice ball), of the lupins, and of the dried chestnuts “mosciarelle”… (Remo Remotti).


“Trastevere and Testaccio”: a tour of discovery through the popular neighborhoods of Trastevere and Tastaccio, where you can still see clothes on the line drying in the sun and where people still greet each other on the street… Quartiere Trastevere Neighbourhood, Testaccio Neighborhood.


“Garbatella, garbata e bella” (polite and beautiful). A neighborhood born as a river port that today is a symbol of an authentic popular Rome that is dying out. Garbatella neighborhood.


“Rome and Boys of Life”. Steep with us in the Rome of students, of artists and of “creative talents,” but also of the housewife and housing project. San Lorenzo Neighborhood, Pigneto Neighborhood.


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