Underground Rome

If you are fond of archaeology or are simply curious to know things that are not commonly known or are mysterious, secret and magic, or you are just a traveler willing to get enchanted and disoriented… you cannot leave Rome without visiting its undergrounds!

We will make you admire another dimension of the town, the one of underground burial sites, deep and complex, made of remains that, with the power of a history still alive, support the weight of modern civilization.

Guided by expert archaeologists, you will see the Charnel house of the Tiberina “Island”, the Jewish Catacombs, the subsoil of the striking Pyramid of Cestius, the Necropolis of Via Latina up to the Excubitorium (an ancient night watchman's post)in the heart of Trastevere to discover the most intimate side of Rome. A journey through timein what was an out-and-out unparalleled town, which extends over kilometers with beauty and monuments that leave it with nothing to envy the “città emersa”!


“The catacombs of Saint Agnes and Priscilla”. Discover with us the labyrinth catacombs along Via Salaria in Rome, today one of the most well-preserved testimony to the grave goods customs of yesterday. Catacomb of Priscilla, Catacomb of Saint Agnes.


“The Churches’ undergrounds”.Centuries of well-preserved history are waiting for you in the subterranean of two Churches located on the Celian Hill, to discover the customs of the ancient Romans.Underground of the San Clemente Church, underground of the Santi Giovanni e Paolo on the Celian Hill.


“A Church below a Church”. An incredible adventure to discover the ancient structures of today used as foundations for the construction of Christian Churches. The Underground of the Church of San Crisogono, Underground of the Church of Santa Cecilia, Underground of the Church of San Nicola in Carcere (St Nicholas in prison).


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