Flavors of Rome

If diet is not your goal, if you are ready to taste all the specialties of the Roman cuisine, or to put yourself directly on the line by challenging yourself with true Roman stoves, follow us in this trip made of humanity, sympathy, harmony, charisma and of many delicacies!

A real tour of the Roman gastronomy, through ancient traditional recipes created by real Romans that, with passion, imagination and creativity, were able to mix simple ingredients of rural farmer traditions to create delicious dishes.

From popular taverns to Castle’s wine (vino dei Castelli), from typical dishes, to extemporaneous collections of tables in the alleys of Rome, from salted codfish on the street corner to “grattachecca” (a popular cold dessert consisting of ice flavored with sweet sciroppo) along the Tiber, from the “maritozzoand whipped cream for breakfast to the short trip to the “fraschette di Ariccia” (“fraschette is a particular type of tavern, common only in the Roman Castle area in the Lazio region, while “Ariccia” is a small locality in the vicinity of Rome)….But also cooking classes with a Roman chef, going to look for the ingredients at an open market, chitchat at the “pizzicagnolo” (a specialist grocer), and “debates” with the butcher. To discover an authentic popular cuisine… in other words a “style of life”!


Food tour: come with us to discover the real flavors of Rome through a thematic itinerary: pizza by the slice, gelato, street food, grocery at the open market.


“Esperienza di cucina”. From the grocery at the open market to the preparation of different courses, and tasting in the house of and siting down at the table of a real Roman!


“Gelato cooking class”.Gelato making class in an artisan laboratory, to learn the entire secret to making an exceptionally tasting artisanal gelato.


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